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weldings vintage cars weldings vintage cars
weldings vintage cars


weldings vintage cars
Welding Romeo is a company dedicated to the welding of the metals where joint and backfilling is necessary:
  • workings in workshop in real time in order to avoid losses of time in travels
  • workings at home in order not to transport pieces or yards
  • search of the material and specific method for every situation with feasibility appraisal.

Welding methods:
  • tig
  • mig
  • ossiacetilenico
  • electrode
  • plasma.

Welding on typical objects:
  • laminated and drawn in many materials
  • mergers/fusion cast iron
  • mergers/fusion aluminum
  • mergers/fusion bronze
  • tanks fuels.

Special on company:
  • stamps in steel
  • stamps in aluminum
  • rimming
  • special backfilling
  • back filing on errors of mechanical working or merger/fusion
  • vintage car and motor
  • welding circuit-radiators
  • back filing on trivelle.

Soldered materials:
  • iron
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • alloy steels
  • special steels
  • aluminum and alloys
  • cast iron
  • bronze
  • titanium
  • magnesium.

Some products and field:
  • moulds
  • food field
  • pharmacia and hospital field
  • car and motor field
  • tools
  • hard facings and wear and tear.

weldings vintage cars
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